Mechanism Games (TGA)
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The Curse of Tugarin
- Main character animations.
- Grunt enemy modeling, uvs, base textures, rigging, animations.
- Payload (skull wagon) modeling and texturing.
- Some prop modeling, propping, particle effects.

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The Curse Of Tugarin: Gameplay

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The Curse Of Tugarin: Gameplay

Mechanism Games // The Curse of Tugarin // Game Trailer

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The Ridge
- Modular environment kit design, modeling and base textures (2/4 levels).
- Prop modeling & texturing (2/4 levels). Ending hero submarine model and UVs.
- All FPS animations. Design, modeling, texturing of both weapons.

Emil lindfors ridge gameplay

The Ridge: Gameplay

Emil lindfors ridge breakdowns

The Ridge: Assets

Mechanism Games // The Ridge // Game Trailer

Some of my contributions to Mechanism Games productions during the second year at The Game Assembly ( Production time: 2 months per game, team: 12-14 people (artists, designers, programmers). Custom-built game engine.